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Ariazone 1001
The new Ariazone 1001 is a compact alternative to the 5001, which still offers the full range of automatic refrigerant processing options.

Special Features
Programmable and fully adjustable recovery, recycling, evacuation and charging functions.
Audible warning and service required alarms.
Microprocessor controlled functions.
Digital display.
Dual stage vacuum pump.
High volume compressor with liquid control and thermal protection.

Price: £1,795

Microprocessor - Controls all functions.

Electronic scale - 60kg with 150% overload. Measuring unit: kg or Lb.

Digital display - with high contrast.

Membrane keypad
- for greater practically and protection.

Large size gauges - High and low pressure gauges and cylinder pressure gauge. (bar & PSI)

Chassis - Sturdy all steel construction powder coated.

Wheels - Two 200 mm, and two 75 mm castor wheels.

Refrigerant type: R134-a.

Voltage: 220V-240V/ 50-60 Hz.

Vacuum pump: Dual stage, 75 l/min (2.5cfm), 50 micron deep vacuum.

Compressor: High volume with liquid control & thermal protection.

Recovery rate: 350g/min in liquid phase.

Refrigerant bottle: 12kg, rechargeable.

Scale resolution: 10g.

Operating temp. range: 10-50o C.

Hoses: 1.8 meters with quick couplings.

Dimensions: 54 x 50 x 105 cm.

Weight: 67 kg.

  Ariazone 1001 air conditioning equipment

Price: £1,795

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